As with other companies in this industry, it is impossible for Essential Credit Solutions LLC to guarantee, gauge or assure our clients of specific outcomes when performing Credit Restoration service. 

What we do guarantee, however, is that our clients will receive the highest quality of service and representation, as we work diligently to correct their credit situation and assist them in reaching their financial credit goals. We commit to doing so in a timely manner, providing consistent updates and coaching to our clients.

Refund Policy

In the event that the client elects to cancel service within 5 days of establishing a service agreement with us, the request to cancel will be honored without any charge or conditions applied. However, once payment for services is rendered, clients are allowed 3 days to secure the cancellation of services and receive full refund. Once this three day grace period is exhausted, no refunds shall be granted.

Clients are able to cancel and suspend our credit repair services at any time by completing any of the following:

  • Verbal request by phone
  • Signing and mailing a Cancelation notice
  • Rendering a written request

In general, fees are charged upon rendering of services. Therefore, clients should expect to pay the final fee after you decide to cancel the services: note that generally, and in most cases, fees are not refundable. We consider services rendered as part of our contract agreement and after we mail documents to the client.